Thank you for the many people who supported Kathy Clausen’s memorial fund.   We continue to receive interest and accept gifts so please just note when you make a gift that it is in her honor.    We all miss her!  





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 Saturday, November 7, 2015.    Tickets are $200 per person this year!

Montana’s Wildlife and Public Lands Matter. 

Montana is truly a paradise full of prairies, forests, water, cliffs, valleys, wildlife and flora.  Outdoor enthusiasts know that Montana is truly a special place for hiking, fishing, hunting, reading a book by a bubbling stream, taking pictures of breathtaking scenery or catching a glimpse of a Grizzly or wolf cub or watching a herd of elk grazing contently in a field.   We can point some of our favorite memories to taking a young child out for a first outing, sledding with family, or watching the proud display of that first fish?   Most likely your favorite memories involve public lands.     These memories are priceless and only those who understand the true meaning of Montana Matters will know that we simply must preserve our access to these special lands and incredible memories.  Join us in ensuring the Montana outdoor legacy continues!   Montana Matters!