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 Saturday, November 1, 2014

Montana’s Future is at a Crossroads

Wildlife habitat management and increasing population Matter to Montana

Climate Change and Environmental Issues Matter to Montana
Montana’s future is at a crossroads. The challenges we face today are far different than those of past generations. The future of this magnificent state and the future of our natural wealth and resources lie in our hands. How we address these new and profound threats to Montana’s ecological integrity will determine what kind of future we leave to our children and grandchildren.

Oil and gas development in sensitive wildlife habitat, urban/suburban sprawl and development, an ever-increasing human population, climate change, loss of traditional wildlife management techniques, and a host of other challenging issues are changing the face and future of our Montana.

How do we move forward with knowledge and understanding of our past – our wildlife victories as well as our defeats? How do we remember those hard-learned lessons, in the face of short-term financial gain? How do we prevent the destruction of our natural wealth and resources and prevent long-term, irreversible damage to the legacy we want to leave behind? Everything we give up today, we may never regain. How do we hold onto our past while saving a place for the future?

What we have learned over the past century is that Montana matters, not just within the scope of local and national issues but globally. Now is the time to make the biggest difference in how Montana looks for the next 100 years and beyond. Enjoy the Treasure State, our abundant wildlife, our magnificent forests, fields, lakes, and streams. Give generously so all that makes Montana the Last Best Place remains intact for our children and our children’s children.